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The Finlandia Foundation National Capital Chapter (FFNCC) is a non-profit organization that brings together area Finnish-Americans, Finns and friends of Finland, to help:

  • Maintain Finnish, and Finnish-American traditions;  

  • Promote Finnish culture;

  • Organize cultural and social activities;

  • Advance knowledge about Finland and its developments; and

  • Provide grants and scholarships to individuals and not-for-profit entities of the Washington DC metropolitan area for presentations, projects, and performances that promote Finnish and Finnish-American culture.

The FFNCC is a chapter of the Finlandia Foundation National (FFN), which, with its wide network, is the most important non-governmental source of support of Finnish culture and for Finnish-American activities in the United States. 


All Washington DC metropolitan area Finnish-Americans, Finns, and friends of Finland are invited to join the Chapter and to participate in its activities.


President:                                                                   Turto Turtiainen        

1st Vice-President:                                                       Bruce Griffin

2nd Vice-President/Membership and Information officer: Pirjo Garby

Treasurer:                                                                   Kirsti Frenzen Noring

Member at Large/FFNCC Correspondence officer:            Hanna Wagner

Member at Large/Newsletter Editor:                              Alexa Risseeuw

Member at Large/Recording officer:                               George Elliott

Associate Member/Facebook Admin.:                             Ted Hobart

Member at Large/Instagram Admin.:                             Zachary Risseeuw

Member at Large/Website Admin.:                                 Pirjo Garby   



July 2022 - June 2023

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