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Event:  Midsommar Celebration (Juhannus)

When:  Sunday, June 23rd, 3 - 6pm

Where: Carderock Park, Potomac, MD


Joint Midsommar (Juhannus) Celebration hosted by Drott Lodge, ASA, SWEA DC, and FFNCC.


All are invited to the 59th annual Midsommar to come help decorate and raise the Maypole!

To sign up:


Check out the link for directions, parking, and a map! Drott Lodge #168 - Midsommar Joint Celebration


3:00 Children's Games (Prizes) and Maypole Decoration

3:45 Welcome Greetings

3:50 Maypole Procession

4:00 Dancing round the Maypole

4:45 Picnic Dinner

Please bring:

- Greens & Flowers for the Maypole!

- Your own picnic and drinks (beer must be in plastic cups/consumed in pavilion)

- Lawn chairs or picnic blankets (if not sitting in the pavilion)

- Trash bags (this park has no trash cans, and all trash must be carried home with you)

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