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Event: Gods and Myths of the Viking World hosted by American Scandinavian Association of the National Capital Area   

When: Monday, November 28 – in-person 

           7:00 pm: Refreshments/Socializing 

           7:30 pm: Talk begins

Location: St. John’s Episcopal Church Hall

                6701 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD

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Dr. Lilla Kopár, Associate Professor of Medieval English Literature and Director of the Center for Medieval and Byzantine Studies at Catholic University, will present on the gods and myths of the Viking world.


The fascinating stories of the Norse gods have long captured the imagination of people from the medieval period to modern days. Odin, Thor, Loki, and their companions inspired the world of Tolkien, the operas of Wagner, movies of the Marvel universe, and more. But what do we actually know about these deities, their cults, and the myths and legends that brought them to life?


This richly illustrated talk will provide an overview of Norse mythology and the religious practices of the Viking world, with the help of literary sources (eddic and skaldic poetry, sagas) and the material evidence of art and archeology. We will discuss the history of the world from its creation from the body of Ymir to the dramatic events of Ragnarök, meet the key deities of the Norse universe and their fierce adversaries, and explore aspects of lived religion through rituals and religious objects.


Event: Celebrating Finland, Pre-Independence Day Party    

When: Monday, December 5, Starting at 5pm 

Location: Mikko Nordic Fine Foods,  1636 R St. NW, Washington DC 20009 


Event: Christmas Party hosted by FFNCC, Finn Spark and Suomikoulu DC    

When: Saturday, December 10, 11am - 1pm 

Location: Faint Lutheran Church

                3313 Arlington Blvd, Arlington, VA     

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