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Photo by Tom Henry, Washington DC

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Photo by Nina Lyytinen, Finland

The Finnish-American Society of Cape Cod (an FFN Chapter) event - Lecture: "Restauration of Finnish Log Cabins"

Date: Saturday, January 15th, 12 noon (Eastern time)

Location: Zoom

Repairing Finnish log house.jpg

The lecturer is Frank Eld, a son of a Finnish immigrant carpenter and a distinguished Finlandia Foundation Lecturer.


Due to Frank Eld’s affinity for historic preservation, he earned a history degree from Columbia University after a postgraduate year at Exeter. His first major restoration work was to rebuild - together with volunteers - an old general store of 25 buildings, which they moved from other locations to a virtual ghost town Roseberry in Idaho. Buildings on site now include a schoolhouse, a blacksmith’s shop, a church and private homes, as well as eight Finnish-style log cabins and a Finnish barn.  

Frank Eld’s fascination with the craft led to his first book, Finnish Log Construction –The Art.


Click here to visit Frank Eld’s facebook -Finnish-Log-Construction-The-Art.

Finnish log house built by immigrants.jpg
Finnish log cabin in the USA.jpg
Modern log cabin in Finland.jpg

Laskiainen is a celebration with Finnish origins, which includes both pagan and ecclesiastic traditions, and is often described as a "mid-winter sliding festival". 

In clerical sense, Laskiainen is associated with Shrove Tuesday and is a celebration of the beginning of Lent that takes place before Easter.


The traditions of Laskiainen consist largely of merrymaking and feasts. Food-items typically enjoyed in Finland in Laskiainen include in many cases pea soup with ham.


The best-known after-meal dessert of Laskiainen, often enjoyed either with coffee or tea, is "Laskiaispulla" which is a sweet roll filled with almond-paste or strawberry jam, and whipped cream. In North America too, it is traditional in Laskiainen to have a meal of split-pea soup with ham, and for amusement – as in Finland – to slide down a hill on either snow-covered or iced tracks, often on toboggans.​  -- Information is from


Photo by Päivi Leppänen, Finland


You can buy laskiaispulla at Mikko's

until Laskiainen (February 27th)


Location: 1636 R Street NW, Washington D.C. 20009

Phone: 202-525-3919 

Facebook: ChefMikko


Finlandia Foundation National (FFN) Virtual Events

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Links from Finland for Current News and Information


If you want to read or even listen to daily and recent news from Finland in English, you could connect to the Internet link maintained by the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yleisradio Oy, or “Yle.” By clicking on “Listen,” you can get the daily 4-minute broadcasts in English. If you have some Finnish, by clicking on “Easy Finnish,” you get the news with uncomplicated vocabulary (or in “selkosuomi” in Finnish).


Embassy of Finland, Washington, DC provides extensive information about  important things for Americans through the website Finland and United States of America. It includes such topics as current affairs, travel and services, and even a course in the Finnish language.

For Finns and dual citizens, a good source of information is Suomi Seura (Finland Society)

“The Finland Society is an expert on Finnish “expatriatism.” We have members almost in 60 countries. We offer counseling for those moving and living overseas or returning to Finland.

We publish the magazine Finland Bridge and provide information on current themes concerning expatriate Finns. The Finland Society’s task is to ensure that Finnish expatriates are taken into account in public debate and decision-making in Finland.

We distribute grants to Finnish expatriate communities and media.
Finland-Society has the Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP). Thanks to the FEP’s initiatives, we have reached goals such as dual citizenship and absentee voting for expatriate Finns. As a member of the Finland Society, you would receive many valuable benefits.”

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